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Tablet PC Software


Notes and links to software that is tablet pc enhanced or tablet specific


Software Links


Tablet PC market downloads http://www.tabletpcpost.com/


http://host323.ipowerweb.com/~studentt/softwarelinks/newsoftware.htm (long list of downloads)


Tablet PC Indispensibles:

http://www.hanselman.com/blog/ScottHanselmans2005UltimateDeveloperAndPowerUsersToolList.aspx (software downloads)


The Top 10 Tablet Apps


Gotta Be Mobile's occasionally updated list of top 10 applications for use with the tablet pc.


Microsoft Resources





A single place for all your notes; I really like this program and its roll of endless tape like Jack Kerouac writing 'On the Road'. It's got great search functionality, categories and dates, and you can ink or type notes, or right-click to add notes from Firefox.


The basic version, without ink recognition, is free.


Gotta Be Mobile have put together a video demonstration of the program here:



They're not as keen as I am; they say:


EverNote is a very unique notetaking application in how it incorporates categories instead of folders, and its endless tape for storing notes.


Current Tablet PC users might get a bit frustrated in how EverNote seperates Ink and Text notes, and limits the places Ink can be used. Overall, I feel that EverNote is a great notetaking application for text notetakers, but there are better solutions for Tablet PC notetakers.


Ink Gestures for Word

This could be the tool that converts you! http://www.jumpingminds.com/InkGestures/index.htm


They say>>


Ink Gestures is a Microsoft Word 2003® Addin that enables you to edit documents using the pen on a Tablet PC. With Ink Gestures you have access to over twenty copyediting commands. Capitalize words. Italicize words. Create bullet lists. Insert text. All with a pen on a Tablet PC.


Ink Gestures is designed to make copyediting even more natural on the Tablet PC. With pen-based editing you can make changes to a document much like you would on paper yet have your changes applied to the document immediately.


Plus Ink Gestures makes it easier to edit when and where you want. Whether you're sitting on an airplane editing a manuscript or on the couch editing an assignment, you can be more productive with Ink Gestures and your Tablet PC.



Tablet Enhancement for Outlook


Tablet Enhancements for Outlook is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook XP and 2003 that turns the popular Personal Information Manager into a full-fledged Tablet PC-aware application. TEO 2.0 replaces Outlook's standard UI with fully ink-enabled forms and lets you write and keep your notes in your own handwriting. No synchronization required.




Art Rage2


The new version of the painting program Art Rage is now available online from the link below. Unfortunately, like the first version, when I tried this my computer immediately started over-heating and the program crashed.




PDF Annotator


I tried a trial version for 30 days and was very impressed. Great to be able to mark student work that is submitted in PDF format, and surprisingly easy and quick to move around the pdf once you got into it. Highly recommended.




Microsoft Power Toys for Tablet PC


Can't believe I missed this little set of tools from Microsoft. All available at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/tabletpc.mspx


Choices include:


Art Tool for Tablet PC


Use this coloring book and your imagination to create awesome pictures. The Art Tool for Tablet PC has a variety of templates included, and you can also load your own pictures to color.


Calculator for Tablet PC


Use the Calculator for Tablet PC in place of your handheld calculator. Simply use your pen to write the numbers for calculations.


Dictionary Tool for Tablet PC


To improve your handwriting recognition results, you can customize the dictionary your Tablet PC uses to interpret your handwriting. You can add your own words or import them from a text file or the Microsoft Office dictionary. You can also use the Dictionary Tool to remove words from the dictionary.


Drawing Animator Toy for Tablet PC


Free your imagination and enjoy colorful animated images you create. The Drawing Animator Toy for Tablet PC lets you draw your own doodles and animate them, including picture rotation, bounce, and more.


Extended Desktop for Tablet PC


If you like using an extended desktop with your Tablet PC, then this utility is for you. The Extended Desktop for Tablet PC allows you to use the tablet pen to access the portion of the extended desktop that displays on an external monitor. This PowerToy will create a window on your Tablet PC that shows a duplicate image of the desktop on the external monitor. You can then manipulate the objects on the extended desktop within this window.


Handwriting Analysis Tool for Tablet PC


Ever wondered how your handwriting represents you? Well, here's tool you can use to find out. The Handwriting Analysis Tool examines the characteristics of the your handwriting and reports what it reflects about the your personality.


Hold Tool for Tablet PC


Annoyed by the press and hold functionality of your tablet pen? Download the Hold Tool for Tablet PC and turn off the press and hold functionality for certain controls. Scrollbars, push buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, spinner controls, slider controls, and tab controls will respond immediately when the pen tip touches them.


Hoop Strategy Game for Tablet PC


If you enjoy unconventional games, you'll want to download the Hoop Strategy Game for Tablet PC. In this game, you build your own strategy to get the ball in the hoop. Draw a path and be creative—but keep in mind that gravity, velocity, and trajectory will play a big part in your success.


Ink Screen Saver for Tablet PC


Use your pen to create a personalized ink screensaver! Plus, The Ink Screen Saver can run as a stand-alone application, too.


Letteris PowerToy for Tablet PC


Check out this Tetris-like game of cascading letters and words, where letters fall from the top of the screen and start stacking at the bottom. You must make words using those letters and get points based on how many words you can guess. Start playing Letteris today!


Maze Game for Tablet PC


Try this classic Maze Game—Tablet PC style. Try to escape this maze as fast as you can by using your pen to draw a line from start to finish.


Microsoft Dots! PowerToy for Tablet PC


Microsoft Dots! is a new interactive strategy game for the Tablet PC. The objective: Connect four adjacent dots with the pen to form a complete square. Your opponent—another player or the computer—has the same objective. The player who completes the most squares when the grid is filled wins the game!

Microsoft Phraseology PowerToy for Tablet PC


Similar to the popular TV game show "Wheel of Fortune," Microsoft Phraseology for Tablet PC presents pieces of sentences along with a category name. To win you must guess the correct phrase, letter by letter, using ink!


Microsoft Physics Illustrator for Tablet PC


Bring your drawings to life with the Physics Illustrator, a motion simulator for the Tablet PC. Simply draw two-dimensional bodies, connect them in various ways, and apply forces, then watch as animation makes the bodies move, collide, and interact.


My Font Tool for Tablet PC


Tired of using those regular fonts? Want to create your own fonts? My Font Tool for Tablet PC turns your handwriting into a true type font and allows you to use it in any Windows program.


Pool for Tablet PC


Download the pool game optimized for Tablet PCs. Using your tablet pen, compete against the computer or another person. You can even play Pool for Tablet PC against another Tablet PC user in real-time across a wired or wireless network.


Power Paint Tool for the Tablet PC


Become a Tablet PC Picasso with Power Paint! With imagination as your muse and a pen as your ink brush, you can sketch, paint and draw to your heart's content. Create pictures in layers, save masterpieces to show to friends and family or edit the work of your students, all with a pinch of pressure from your stylus!


Puzzle Game


Like jigsaw puzzles? Puzzle Game lets you drag and click pieces together using the tablet pen. You can choose from the default pictures, or use your own pictures to create a customized puzzle. Different levels of difficulty make this game as challenging as you want it to be.


Tablet PC Music Composition Tool


With this Music Composition Tool, you can create and play your own music files. Use your pen to write notes on the staff and then play your tune.


Thumbnail View


View your journal files in a new light. Use the Windows Explorer Thumbnail View to preview your journal files. Navigate to your journals with quick visual recognition for .jnt and .jtp files.


Tic Tac Toe


How about a game of Tic Tac Toe? Put a twist on this classic game as you play against the computer. Just use your tablet pen to write your selection instead of typing it.


Web Search Power Tool for Tablet PC


The Web Search Power Tool for Tablet PC allows you to search the Web using Tablet's inking capabilities. Instead of typing in your search, write a word or a phrase in the "inkable" area and your results will show up using your favorite search engine.


Word Search Game for Tablet PC


Challenge yourself with the Tablet PC version of the Word Search Game. Create games using your own choice of words and difficulty levels! Save the puzzle and send it to a friend.


Writing Practice Tool for Tablet PC


Help your children practice their writing skills by using the Writing Practice Tool for Tablet PC. Youngsters can practice writing words and then watch as the letters animate to show a picture of the word. Teachers or parents can create words and pictures to make the game even more challenging.


Writing Recognition Game


Have fun practicing and improving your writing recognition. To score points, write the letters before they hit the ground. The higher your score goes, the faster the letters drop, making the Writing Recognition Game even more challenging and fun.


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