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Tablet PC Blogs & Podcasts


Regularly updated, in progress sites that focus on the tablet pc in action.


Tablet PC Blogs


Gotta Be Mobile

The newest, maybe the best yet? with plenty of RSS feeds)



Chad Essley's Tablet PC Sketchbook

A cartoonist explores the tablet pc



Uber Tablet

(an Australian tablet pc evangelist)



Student Tablet PC Blog

I like this one a lot, a student perspective, promoting the tablet pc in higher education)



Tablet PC Education Blog

Using tablet pcs to advance individual learning



Tablet PC Weblog

Wide ranging tablet pc discussion.

http://tabletpcs.weblogsinc.com/ (


The Classroom Tablet

Scott Guthrie writes: A true blog of my experiences in using my tabletpc in my classroom: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I hope to keep this updated and not fall of the edge of the blogosphere!

http://classtablet.blogspot.com/ S


Peter on Tech

Someone has to point out the obvious.



The Vermont State

Commentary and open discussion about Tablet PC programs in schools.

A chronicle of the Tablet PC project at Vermont Academy





On the Run with the Tablet PC

http://jkontherun.blogs.com/otrwithtpcs/ (a regularly updated podcast that's seems to focus on software)

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