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'Do the Twist' - Green Guide Review of four tablet pcs (including the fujitsu) 2/2/2006 - http://www.theage.com.au/news/roadtest/do-the-twist/2006/01/31/1138590505528.html


They write: Fujitsu LifeBook T4020


RRP: $3699

Rating: 4/5


"Fujitsu's experience in building tablet computers is evident in this model. It's smaller and lighter than the Acer at less than 2 kg despite having the same 31 cm screen size. Usability is also excellent, with controls such as the simple page up and down keys on the display edge making it easier to navigate a document.


Its plain but compact exterior is a little deceptive as it packs extras such as a memory card slot (SD and memory stick), fingerprint reader and duallayer DVD burner to match its bigger rivals.


Thoughtfully, there's a lanyard supplied for tethering the pen to the notebook so you don't lose it. Wi-fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity are built-in."



NEW: There's a very positive review of the Fujitsu Lifebook P1510D Tablet PC HERE

They write: It's no secret that I'm a devoted slate style Tablet PC user, so it may be a surprise to some of you that after all of these years I now have an Editors choice convertible as well as a slate. The bottom line is that the Fujitsu P1510D fills a need in my life that the other convertible Tablet PCs have not.


"WOW" factor alone does not make a product an "Editors Choice" or a TabletPc2 Favorite". It has to function properly, and significantly improve our computing experience. On those rare occasions when we find a product that not only has "WOW" factor, but it fits a specific need better than anything thing else we have seen or used it becomes a TabletPc2 Editors Choice.


In the Case of the Fujitsu lifebook P1510D, the first time I saw it was at PDC in September (Pacific Developer Conference) my initial reaction was "I have Have it!" and that reaction hasn't changed. 9/4/2006


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