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Virginia Tech Moves to Tablet PC Platform 8/5/2006

In 2006 Virginia Tech moved all its students from the plain ol' notebook to a tablet pc; here they explain why they made that decision. Among other things they write:


The classroom capabilities of the Tablet PC give the college the ability to significantly enhance the learning experience of the students while providing advanced pedagogical tools for faculty / student interaction. It is for these reasons we are excited about the Convertible Tablet PC requirement.


Unlike previous generations of the “slate” or pure “tablet,” the Convertible Tablet PC is a powerful and fully functional notebook computer with the added advantage of incorporating hand writing capability. The technology has matured to the point that it is supported in a standard fashion by multiple, top-tier vendors, providing product price and feature competition necessary to bring the cost of the tablet feature down to a very reasonable level. The decision to move to a Tablet PC was made after three years of researching the technology and evaluating roadmaps of where the platform would be for the fall of 2006.



More on the Virginia Tech announcement, including some negative responses:


http://www.collegiatetimes.com/news/1/ARTICLE/7180/2006-07-13.html (17/7/2006)



First Tablet Deployment in LA School District 9/7/2006


At NECC Tablet PC developer and advocate, Loren Heiny, met up with Dina Kraemer of LA’s Hamilton High School, who was quite excited about Tablet PCs being deployed in her school and district.


They're starting with 120 Tablets and at least for this year the Tablets will be kept at the school. Next year, Dina was telling me that they want to expand the program so that students can take the Tablet PCs home with them. She wants to have all their textbooks, assignments, and projects all stored on the Tablets.



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