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My overall conclusion is that, once you've had the full functionality of a computer + a tablet (as is the Fujitsu) then you wouldn't happily go back to a plain notebook.


The normal functionality of the notebook computer is a given. The keyboard remains the primary means of entering information for me, and I can often go three or four days without using the tablet tools at all. That said, there are times when it's perfect for the job.


The tablet function simply adds another layer of usefulness. Some of my favourites uses for the tablet pc in an educational context are:


  • annotating or marking student submitted work in WORD using the inking function. Work can be assessed and returned to them without paper being involved at all.
  • keeping notes in OneNote, including migrating all assorted notes from various places into one place. In fact, the 'discovery' of OneNote has been one of the best things about the tablet experience. I doubt that I would  have persisted long enough with OneNote WITHOUT its inking feature to really see how useful it is. I liked EverNote for a while but OneNote is now an essential part of the way I organise my working life. Even if I went back to a standard PC, I'd want to have OneNote
  • using OneNote in meetings; sending the agenda to OneNote, and then annotating the agenda using the inking in OneNote in tablet mode. It's often less confronting and less divisive to use the tablet in this mode in a meeting; it's the same size and form-factor of a pad of paper.annotating PowerPoint presentations as they're being presented is very easy and students love it toogetting students to annoate work that is being displayed on the data projector is a great activityannotating newspaper articles in language analysis in senior English is very effective.
  • browsing the internet in tablet mode in front of the tv; surprisingly easy and effective, like looking through all the newspapers in the world!


There are some disadvantages that we need to be clear about too. I see the disadvantges as:


  • the computer is a little heavier and thicker, clunkier looking which I can live with, but the screen also seems to lack that sparkling clarity you see in other notebook computers.

  • the stylus can be lost or misplaced

  • I dont know that enough push in the marketplace has been established to give tablets the innovation in software you'd expect.



Warrick Wynne 8/7/2007


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